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Class of 1952 Dedication

We, the students of Ambrose High School, take great pride in dedicating our 1951 yearbook to the memory of two former students who died fighting for our democracy.

Ordis A. Severson

Ordis A. Severson, an Aviation Radioman Third Class, was born at Ambrose, June 9, 1921.  He received his education here and also attended the School of Forestry and the University of North Dakota.

He entered the Navy January 10, 1942, attended several navy schools, and was then stationed at Pearl Harbor until December of 1942.  He lost his life on July 12, 1943, when the plane on which he was a member, made a crash landing in the Tulagi Harbor near Guadalcanal.

C. Everett Opperud

C. Everett Opperud, a corporal in the Eighth Army, Twenty-Fifth division, Twenty-Seventh regiment, was born at Ambrose, April 24, 1927.  He received his education here and graduated with the class of 1945.

Two months following graduation he entered the armed service.  He was sent to Germany, January 15, 1946 and spent forty-five months with the occupation forces there.

He was sent to Korea in August of 1951 and was fighting with the "Wolfhounds" when he made the supreme sacrifice April 4, 1950, near Chudong-ni, Korea.

We, as students, can find no words which will be sufficient to explain the praise these men deserve; we can only pray that the sacrifice they made was not in vain.

Class of 1952 Faculty

Mr. Edwin C. Johnson, Superintendent
Typing, World History,
World Geography,
Problems of Democracy

Mr. Glen D. Hegstad, Principal
Algebra, English
Agriculture, General Business


Mr. John E. McIntosh
Intermediate Grades

Miss June Y. Johnson
Primary Grades

Class of 1952 Graduates

Marian Torkelson Thomte, Valedictorian
"A young lady with plenty of dash. She chose her Romeo from the senior class."

Dennis Thomte, Salutatorian
Class President
"Romeo, Romeo,
wherefore art thou, Macbeth?"

Gary Eriksmoen
Class Vice President
"I'm here, even if I don't tell everyone."

Melvin Nygard
"He shifted his brain into neutral
and let his tong rattle on."

Richard Torgeson
"I came, I bluffed, I graduated."

Iris Dillingham Hall
Class Secretary-Treasurer
"They say love makes the world go round. Catch me I'm getting dizzy!"
James Opperud, No Photo Available
"Never speak sense when nonsense will answer the purpose as well."

Class of 1952 History

In the fall of 1948, eight freshmen started their high school careers in Ambrose High School.  This group consisted of Melvin Nygard, James Opperud, Dennis Thomte, Gary Eriksmoen, Richard Torgeson, James Moxness, Beverly Ness, and Marlene Smith.  Our teachers for our initial year were Mr. and Mrs. Davy and Miss Strangstadlien.

As we started our sophomore year we lost Marlene Smith who transferred to nearby Crosby High School, and Beverly Ness who transferred to California during the first term of that year.  Teachers that year were Mr. Kriese, Mr. Stokes, and Mr. Kron.

During our Junior year James Moxness advanced to the Senior class and Marian Torkelson transferred from Glenburn, N. Dak.   Mr. Kron and Mr. Stokes were our two teachers.

In our eventful Senior year Iris Dillingham transferred from Williston, N. Dak. which left our class total at seven.  Mr. E. C. Johnson and Mr. Glen D. Hegstad had the privilege of being our teachers during the school year of 1951 and 1952.

From the 1952 AHS Viking Yearbook, courtesy of Merle Parsley

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